Ello! I like British people. Most of the time. I'm ROMANIAN and UKRANIAN! Teehee. I'm a Beast! Don't mesh with me. I'll cry.... :( JOKING. I'll go all ninja and stuff on yo ass! Hold Me back! Haha. I'm random. 

I like pickles, icecream, unicorns, skitles, ALL WILD Cats, Oh Me gosh! Don't get me started with wolves! Eep! They are soo pretty and big and pretty....

Yeah if you have noticed.... I'm blonde! ALL Blonde! Hell yes.

I like cookies. I like people. I like monkeys... Speaking of monkeys..........
MONKEY NUTS! Teehee;] No not your monkey nuts, MY monkey nuts. Is it possible for a girl to have monkey nuts? I don't know...
I'm 99.9% Plus 2% Beast! Most of my time. The other rest of my time a BLONDE. How you ask? Well I fell asleep in a bathtub before... I pushed PULL doors. I play with myself... NO NOT THAT WAY YOU NASTY LIDDO KIDDO. I play tic tac toe with myself...

COOKIEKILLER12←See that? That chick is fiinee and HILARIOUS! Shes a blonde but not permitenley.. Sowwy I don't know how to spell if you've noticed...

Okay, dueces! Holla at me!!!:D
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You're welcome. :)
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Don't Get Involved

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Alex Broads was miserable since she was 4. When she turned 15 she thought the torturing was gonna stop...

Rain, Rain, go away because of you the pain will stay.