I'm going to re-re-re do this! Haha. Well, My name is Kaylin and the rest you don't need to know. I'm 15 years old. Obviously I love to read book, I mean who doesn't like to read books!?!? Hmm, well im from the boring old state of Iowa. :( I love to write stories on here, its my only escape from the real world. I love all my friends, Wattpad and Real. Im really wacky and random and my friends say I lack in the common sense area. I love to make up words, and well that's all I want to post here, Any more things you want to know, just private message me, or yeah. Whatever, you do what you gotta do. Just please no stalkers(:
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Description: Elizabeth is none other, then the Famous Jenni's daughter. Elizabeth and her twin Noah, have hit a rocky patch in growing up, so Jenni and Alex decide to go visit there close friends Jay and Dawn and take there children out of the harmful area of Lo...


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