my alternate name is TeeCoTee!
I changed it to seperate my sfw stuff from my nsfw stuff

any pronouns is fine.

i'm kinda bad at socializing so sorry if i wasn't able to reply to comments. i'm bad at thinking about what to reply and i'm usually too scared to say the wrong thing

fair warning: i'm hypersexual so my stuff is not going to be all fluffy.
if i have made any of my followers uncomfortable, feel free to unfollow me. i wont hold any grudge since im not really writing for popularity

i MIGHT be someone who's called a "pro-shipper" though, it's pretty complicated and i have my limits to illegal ships.
im fine with writing smut with characters that can be aged-up easily without changing their personalities much (dr characters. they are mostly 17 mentally but aging them up to 18 won't change much. just highschooler anime characters actually. they usually act mature and their age are close to 18)
though, if it's a childish, shota/loli character, it makes me uncomfortable.

i'm okay with criticism but it's kinda unecessary for me as i'm just writing for fun and not really getting serious. but feel free if you want to.

ishimaru is my comfort character i relate to his social problems a lot. though im not really hard working lol
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