I write fantasy adventure and urban fantasy for teens on up, and publish my novels at Barnes and Noble, on Amazon, on iTunes, and at Kobo.

I hope you enjoy Wicked Hungry here on Wattpad, and if you do, consider reviewing on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

My new audio book: J. M. Badger of Brick Shop Audiobooks did an amazing job bringing SWORD BEARER, my first book in the Return of the Dragons, to life, and I'm very excited to have worked with him. It's already available at Audible.com directly

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I welcome feedback, questions, and concerns at theodore@teddyjacobs.com


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Sorry, I've deleted Wicked Hungry from Wattpad because I'm probably going to make Wicked Hungry exclusive to Amazon. You can still get it for free (the edited version)  at Smashwords. At least for a couple more days.
      If I don't go exclusive at Amazon, I'll probably eventually repost the edited version here.
So it's taking a little longer to make progress on the sequel to Wicked Hungry than I would have liked. Real life has kind of gotten in the way. While your waiting, I've made the newly edited version with a new professional cover available at a reduced price of 99 cents at all outlets (amazon, barnes and noble, itunes, kobo, google play). If 99 cents is too much for you, it's available at set your own price at Smashwords (you can get it for free there, the price can be zero.)
      Thanks for all the support and encouragement to write book 2.
      Teddy Jacobs