Hey guys I'm Angel and I'm from this amazing land called India. 

Now before you assume anything:

We do not drive scooters here. I drive a Vespa myself.

We are not married by the age of 15 or 16, that's illegal.

Not all of us are hindus, I for the matter of fact am a Catholic.

Not all of us have accents.

We do not don saris all day and a red polka dot on ur forehead as some others call it. Some of us don't.

We are a developed country so shut it.

No we don't do forced marriages here at all places. Arranged marriages are a different story and have a whole new meaning here.

Yes, that me in the profile pic. I'm part ninja, deal with it.

Also I love making new friends so say Hi. And don't start criticising my stories. At first I was ok with it, now I get hurt. Also remember, only say something if it's more beautiful than silence.

I hate rude people and arrogant people. So please be kind.

And you can follow me on Instagram:

Till life bring us together: Historical fiction hot page 27. 10. 2015
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Sugarcandy6 Sugarcandy6 Apr 13, 2016 09:52AM
Okay, So The Great Indian Tamasha got selected for YourStoryIndia!!! So guys please please vote on the story! It'll really really help me! 
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Till Life Bring Us Together... (#YourStoryIndia)

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Description: Jellal never knew things will turn out worse after his beloved's death. Even after eight years all he wanted to do was mourn but it seemed like God had other plans, his brother was assassinated which made him...

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