Hey guys I'm Angel and I'm from this amazing land called India. 

Kdrama Addict!
Kill me heal me, My love from the stars, Gaksital and Descendants of the sun are amazing dramas which are pieces of my soul.

Believe me, I'm a heartless person. ( Blame the person who made me this way.) Doesn't mean I'm unkind and rude.

Give respect and take respect.

No stereotyping please.

No racism. (Hate this like fuck)

I started three stories simultaneously, why did I even do that? I'm juggling between them, so please be patient.

I don't force myself to write. I write only when I'm in the mood to write. Half the time my characters write themselves.

'Till..' Series:

Part 1 : Till Death Do Us Apart... (Completed)

Part 2 : Till Life Bring Us Together...(Ongoing)

Part 3 : Till Fate Tie Us Together... (Ongoing)

Part 4 : Till Hate Bring Us Closer... (coming soon)

Part 5 : Till Fortune mould us together...(coming soon)

Part 6 : Till the moon bind us together...(coming soon)

I hate rude people and arrogant people. So please be kind.

And you can follow me on Instagram:

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Till Fate Tie Us Together...

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Description: Till Series: Part 3 Highest Rank #16 "I'm going to be a queen! Bow before me, sister." Her sister smirked. Ada held her head high. She will not bow to her arrogant sister. So what if she is to be t...

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