Hey guys I'm Angel and I'm from this amazing land called India. 

Now before you assume anything:

We do not drive scooters here. I drive a Vespa myself.

We are not married by the age of 15 or 16, that's illegal.

Not all of us are hindus, I for the matter of fact am a Catholic.

Not all of us have accents.

We do not don saris all day and a red polka dot on ur forehead as some others call it. Some of us don't.

We are a developed country so shut it.

No we don't do forced marriages here at all places. Arranged marriages are a different story and have a whole new meaning here.

Yes, that me in the profile pic. I'm part ninja, deal with it.

Also I love making new friends so say Hi. And don't start criticising my stories. At first I was ok with it, now I get hurt. Also remember, only say something if it's more beautiful than silence.

I hate rude people and arrogant people. So please be kind.

And you can follow me on Instagram:

Till life bring us together: Historical fiction hot page 27. 10. 2015
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OH MY GOD! OOH MY GOD! Till life bring us together is on NUMBER 4 on WATTPAD HOT HISTORICAL FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! I'm freaking out sooooo much! Oh gos thank you guys thank you so...
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Story Reading List

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