Hey guys, I'm Angel and I'm from India. Yep the land where we bare our midriff and belly dance and talk in an accent. Lmao. That was sarcasm. 

My name is Angel. Believe it! My parents named me that. (Who's got the coolest parents of all? Me! Me! Me!)

Anyway, I'm 20 by age. By mind I swear to God I'm just a 13 year old.

I love Hugh Jackman. One word for him, Dayum!

Taylor Swift is Bae. No matter what any one says.

Hate :

-Rude fockers.

- Arrogant muckers.

- Racist suckers.

I live in India, doesn't mean we guys are married by 13 and all that stuff. Sure, it happens in minor parts in India. But that doesn't mean it is the face of India.

The stories that are completed in my account, were written when I was 14-17 years old by age and 4-7 years old by mind. Like seriously, I was hot blooded, stupid and wattpad was new and I was new here too and English isn't my first language.

Keep that in mind before criticising them.

@MadamRuling is my BFF on Wattpad.

PM me anytime. I'm fun. I promise. I also have Oreos!

So Bye,

May ya'll be graced with shirtless Dylan O'Brien doing the Macarena in your dreams!!

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MY Ex-bf, My Boss has crossed 30k views!!! Shoutout to all of you who have read it!!!! Thanks a lot!!!! 
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