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I'm just gonna say this now, I am a total weeb. Like, literal trash. So expect a bunch of anime shit and Homestuck shit.

I just want to say this now. The chances of me posting on here in the future are slim, as a re the chances of me updating my current fics. I mean, It's been a bloody year already.

If I do post anything, it will most likely be Homestuck or DRAMAtical Murder related, probably a mix between them.
Either that or anime.


Rhianna Stetson.
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Starr65748 Starr65748 Oct 07, 2013 06:55AM
I'm really sorry I haven't posted in ages, but I kinda want my copy of HG back before I write anymore of CBIT and I kinda wanna restart RFB.
            I have also started writing a Johnlock fan fic... But I...
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Rum Flavored Blood ~ a Pirates Of The Caribbean fan fiction

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Description: Penelpe Welsh is different. Living in the 17th Century is hard when you are. She knew she was ever since her 14th birthday, though she doesn't know why or how. Maybe the fact the she to bit the neck of a close...


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Clove back in time (Hunger Games and Pirates Of The Caribbean)

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