Hello, it's Zoey here.I'm from Ireland. I write Johnlock, as you may have noticed. I mean...I write a /lot/ of Johnlock, but w/e. It keeps me happy, and you guys seem to like some of my stories. I take prompts, by the way, if you ever have anything. And I also have a stupid tumblr, and the url's williamshezzascott.tumblr.com . I also love to role play Sherlock, and Johnlock too, so if that idea tickles your fancy, send me a message! 

((P.S. I think it's wise for me to tell you, that the quality of my writing in some of my first few fics are definitely not up to the standard that I write with today. And, I expect to develop my writings skills even further! So, if you find the quality of some of my early stories to be 'a-bit-not-good', worry not! My newer ones may please you more so! ))

Also, check out @rivendells. She's awesome!
@DrunkenBadger too, she's a good friend with many prompts for me!
@Sherlockslovelygirl as well. She's my literal fave.
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Nice to see 1k on Heal Me :)
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Heal Me

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Description: Johnlock World War One AU. Sherlock is sent to The Somme with his brother, but is quickly brought back home to England after his first traumatic day of fighting. While recovering in St. Bartholomew's hospital...

Mature 12 Parts - Completed

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