Hello. Name's Tegan, Riley Tegan. I write things. It's nice to meet you.

Your tears make me stronger, so prepare for that accordingly.

My name is a pseudonym.



College senior.

Aspiring author and screenwriter.

Skilled procrastinator.

Avid Netflix enthusiast.

Currently running on sleepless nights and an intravenous caffeine drip.
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    Jun 12, 2011 09:49PM
RileyTegan RileyTegan Apr 26, 2016 12:31AM
Hello, everyone!
            I just started a new story! Yay! For those of you asking for another thriller, you've gotten a Nancy Drew-like murder mystery! Yay murder!
            It's called The Willows, and I posted it...
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Relying On Ben and Jerry (Waltham #1)

Social data: 143K reads. 3.6K votes. 1.2K comments.

Description: Aubrey dared her-and Lena never turned down a dare. When Lena moved away, two best friends hatched a plan. They bet that Lena wouldn't be able to get a boy at her new school acting as extravagantly as she pos...

47 Parts - Completed

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When I Come Around (Waltham #2)

When I Come Around (Waltham #2)

6.8K 172 48

This is a sequel-style spin-off of my story "Relying On Ben and Jerry". Therefore, there will...

Toy Soldiers (Helford #1)

Toy Soldiers (Helford #1)

198K 4.4K 844

On my first day of high school, they tested our abilities-they wanted to see who would outlast the other...

#542 in Mystery / Thriller
Playing God (Helford #2)

Playing God (Helford #2)

64.5K 2.3K 668

*This is a sequel to Toy Soldiers* It didn't surprise me when I got caught by a third party while I was...

The Caged Bird (Helford #0.1)

The Caged Bird (Helford #0.1)

5.3K 166 65

They said we would be assassins or spies, and I became a spy. I create the stories that send the killer...


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