Just posted the newest chapter of Begin Before the End!!!!


Could you please make female Oc is in love with Severus but he rejected her and after that female oc left wizarding world. She appeared about Harry potter prisoner of Azkaban. In the night, kinda like Hazbin Hotel Dad beats Dad Severus Snape as Lucifer and Loki as Alastor , female God of Mischief as Mimzy but this is different this is about severus and loki fighting over female oc's attention. And female oc catching feelings for Loki, this is about being partner in crime and best friend.


I shared this book with a friend of mine that is obsessed with harry Potter fanfiction and she told me she really loves it but some of the chapters were like incomplete or something....I told her to just log out Wattpad and try again but not much help.. Does this happen to anyone else or what?? I don't know if it is just her account or maybe her device or like if it's the book. But I for one don't have that problem whenever I reread this, so if anyone has any ideas pls send help. Thank you.


Hello, so it's been quit a long time since you updated the book. So, i decided to come here and ask if you are doing alright hopefully you are. Please, if you are discontinuing the book tell us or don't. I merely came here concerned about you more than the book. Hopefully you are okay and nothing bad happened to you.