》Heyyy!! I'm BluJay! (Call me Jay or Jade)
⟫ I like kpop (multi-stan) (I stan way to many groups..)
》Anime is life <3
⟫ Manga/manhwa/webtoon <3
⟫ I also listen to jpop, cpop, indie, rock...its safe to say I really like music <3
⟫ Reading is my escape, so is music obvi
⟫ K-dramas, C-dramas, Thai (mostly bl) and Japanese dramas etc....
⟫ Sagittarius
⟫ People follow me cuz I'm funny (ಥ_ಥ)
⟫ ? She/They ? Bi ? (not straight, that's for sure...)
⟫ Let's be friends, I guess~
⟫ DMing books to read is a good start of friendship....i think
⟫ I sometimes write poems...
⟫ Technology hates me, so I'm not online very much
⟫ I also do have social media like; IG, X, tumblr, discord, pinterest etc etc. but I personally am not a social media person....it's safe to say it makes me psychically ick like ughhh (idk if it's just me but yh)
⟫ If y'all so wish, I can give you one of my social's but don't say I didn't warm y'all when I text you back 2days or maybe a week later (i am sorry in advance)
⟫ You can follow me if you always hate wattpad.....

p.s. You can use my code 'SE7EN33y' on Dalmory.com for jewelry. Please to share the code as well to friends and family!
Code: SE7EN33y

There is someone (a friend...you could say) that uses my account sometimes to update/sort list for me, so for some of y'all that kn me and see any sketchy books in my list..... pls dm me so I can remove them (or something..I kn some themes are illegal and traumatizing for some people Soo yh)

⌈Have a good day bye~⌉

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Going to my first TXT concert (New York).... I am not okay (⁠ ⁠≧⁠Д⁠≦⁠) I am soooo nervous like Ughhh.1st, I'm traveling by myself for the first time2nd, I've never been to New York before3rd, what...
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