My name is Raven but erybody calls me Rae. I LIVE for three things: God, Music && Writing.❤

Feedback! Plz give it to me, no matter whether you like something or hate it. I'm trying to write stories that I haven't seen ppl write on here before. I'm a very spontaneous writer, meaning if I have an idea, I'll write it out... which is probably why I have so many damn stories lmao. But I'm hopeful I'll finish every single one eventually. I upload uberrrrrr slowly :/ Sorry about that. But you won't be disappointed!!

So i hope you like my work and PLZZZ BECOME A FAN!!!!!! I WOULD HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT!!!! MWAHZ!!! MUCH LUV AMORE' ;)

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हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्णकृष्ण हरे हरे// हरे राम हरे राम रामराम हरे हरे//

(When you’re right,no one remembers,When you’re wrong,no one forgets.)

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Once You Go Hood 2: Love & Hollywood

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Description: Finding out what happens once you go hood wasn't easy, but Kyra finally managed to figure out.... You never go back! With a new attitude and a new love, what more does the hood have in store for her? RJ never expected to fall for his ray of light...


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Just Say Yes

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Once You Go Hood.....

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Kyra is a good girl. She makes straight A's, has three best friends, one who doubles as a secret crush...

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Raven's Poem Book

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hey loves! I'm working on an upload for Just Say Yes which should be posted sometime on Monday, so just bare with me lol it's coming.

This was SOOOO well written, omg. I found myself saying that all throughout reading this story. And I loved Deandre, and how you could never really figure him out until he came out and said what he was feeling. Definitely mysterious. Tremaine was def my favorite lol He just has that lovable asshole charm, and I like that he didn't fall for Cree, it would've made everything awkward. Troiann and Marcus we're so interesting, and I love that Marc was the one who fell first, although he'd never admit it. I liked that you weren't afraid to discuss racism and misogyny as well as misogynoir, which is the special mix of sexism and racism that black women face from black men, that was some good reading. Overall, I loved it. Probably my favorite on wattpad right now. Can't wait to buy the hard copy!
howard312 posted a message to RavenJM
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can you please update once you go hood 2 I have really falling in love with this story line omg and once you go hood 1 was so fucking awesome I stayed up till 4 in tha morning reading it.....you are a really awesome writer...
h0neydips posted a message to RavenJM
Can you update all of your stories? I've become a fan of your work and would love to see how each character ends up in all your books :)