'HELLO WATTPAD' -Parinopey
*Comes into frame* "Hi", "So my name is.. [Paris]. Nice to meet you. And this is my first 'proper' introduction I guess. Woo! *pops party-popper, it fails* I mean, I've kind of always wanted to be someone who posts stories, but I guess I've never really had the confidence or the motivation.. (Sarcastically) Says the person who posted like 3 Shit Books And has over 200+ Drafts. But, that was until some really good ideas, I've thought up recently pressured me to give it a shot. And so I am! I act NOTHING like this in real life by the way. Actually no that's a lie I act like some fucking crazy person. (To Crazy me) "Please don't take it personally." (Crazy Me Attacks me) (Death typing) My stories will probably be a variety of things, from like Fanfiction, to Proper Genre Books or creative things. I'm going to try to make them interesting and not all the same. Yeah, I'm going to try my best to not just be like one of those 'writers' who sits there and types like: 'So we got into the car and kissed. He was speeding and we got into a crash. The end. Check out my other 589 books' (End of who I'm not going to be) "But yeah, I'm gonna try my best to at least ATTEMPT to be a good writer. (Funky Music) So yeah, if you could please click or tap that transparent follow button of infinite happiness.. Cause I'm gonna start making stories quite soon, I've got loads of ideas, and I'll try to update regularly. ..What have I done to my dignity? Bleurgh. Side Note: Look what I woke up with. (Image pops up on your screen, Holds up Arm, shows what appears to be a bad bruise) I just- I just woke up and that was on my arm?! What the *BEEP* is that!? Its like some bloody person's come up with a square brand and just impaled me in my sleep... Probably. So yeah, If you'd like to follow me then I will love you forever and I will see you soon! (Funky Music, Random Words Popping Up) What the *BEEP* am I doing?

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Ok after very long thought I’m not deleting this account only because there is to many books I need to transfer over and um I made a fucking great comment
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