My name is Noël, just like the Christmas song. 

Fun facts about me:
~It drives me insane when stories have characters to apologize or tell something and it takes them five chapters just for them to do it.
~I don't like pulp in my juice
~I only paint my nails if I want them to be long.
~I love the colors Green, Purple and Pink.
~I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
~I hate being hot, but I hate being cold.
~I'm obsessed with werewolf and vampire stories.
~I hate giving advice because 70% of the time its ignored.

If I think of anything else that is fun, I'll add it.

Now, go read my stories. Don't forget to vote and comment on them. Mostly comment so that I know what you think!! =)
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NoelElizabeth NoelElizabeth Sep 09, 2015 02:38AM
I've taken down Wolves True Sight.  I'm going to attempt to clean it up and publish it.  I'm sorry if you've been reading it and haven't been able to finish.  I have to take a chance and this story i...
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Pride (Unedited)

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Description: Emmy is looking for her mate but isn't really ready to find him. She figures if she doesn't find him by her birthday she is going to stop looking and become the prides liason. That way she could travel freely...


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