'Looking for Hope' is my very first attempt at writing full-length soft sci-fi with a touch of teenage romance, therefore any constructive feedback is appreciated. The sequel, 'Blue Orchid Years', is still being updated sporadically. I have a freelance job outside of Wattpad, so my updating schedule could be a little bit all over the place but you'll get notified if I release new chapters. 

Thank you for being a reader, a follower, or even just a curious passerby! I am grateful for all types of positive interactions that come my way.

If you write stories in Indonesian or Malay, do drop me a DM, I need to keep my skills in languages other than English sharp!

Also, if you write poetries (free verse, sonnet, ode, any kind really) I would be interested.

Do I like fan fiction? Yep, but only of the following fandoms:
- Harry Potter
-Cardcaptor Sakura
-Shokugeki no Soma/Food Wars
- Naruto and Boruto: Next Generation
- Harvest Moon (all titles), Story of Seasons (including Trio of Towns), Rune Factory 4
- Animal Crossings

Do I give you permission to make fanfics out of my books? Sure, go ahead, but credit me as the original writer.

Can I be hired to judge an award? Yep, just check with me and I'll let you know if I am available.

Can we be friends? Yep! As long as you believe love is love and Black Lives Matter, we are good.

Do I accept R4R? Yep, especially if your work features characters with disabilities or a diverse cast (I like multiculturalism). I'm also on the look out for strong female protagonists. Just don't expect me to vote for the sake of voting. I will, however, leave genuine comments.

How can one get into my 'Authors to Learn From' reading list? Simple: re-read the paragraph above.

Need help with writing ideas? I would be happy to assist.

Random facts:
1) I am an INFP
2) In the very early draft of my novel, Nardho dies because someone brings a gun and this guy sacrifices himself for his loved ones. Aren't you glad I didn't go with that?
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