Have you written a book set in South Africa? Drop me a message and tell me about it.


Hi SA peeps, do peep at my page. Read,like,vote and comment!!! I love writing and even though I'm only beginning, I see myself published one day. So don't wait till its too late, read my books whilst their free!! Lol just kidding! Do read though. Can't wait to read SA stories too....


I am so happy I found this page!! I am a South African aspiring author as well and would like to begin on my first novel that is authentically African but I'm very nervous that people night not read it. Thus, I hope this community for  Wattpad writers in Mzansi will help.
          ❤~Repula J. Morris 


Yoo!I'm currently working on my book called: "Agnostic Angel". And I must say that I've made a lot of progress with it and the amount of support I've been getting from friends and family is crazy. I'm thankful, please check it out :)