Warsong | Celeste Academy Series Book #4

Warsong | Celeste Academy Series Book #4

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|Celeste Academy Series Book 4|

Demons and betrayal. The unearthing of a returning past and the unraveling of a future. A power with consequences and the clash of warring sides. A puzzle with missing pieces. The advent of a song.

The academy faces a crisis with the recent demon attack and is dealing with the aftermath. Prince Bertram ascends to the throne of Valemnia, but the transition may not be as smooth as he'd hope. The demons will stop at nothing to halt the coming of a new age under his rule.

  • action
  • adventure
  • alternatedimension
  • elements
  • epicfantasy
  • fantasy
  • highfantasy
  • humor
  • kingdoms
  • love-hate
  • magic
  • magicalbeast
  • romance
wordbywordx wordbywordx Sep 29
Since the drakons have only recently been taken out of hiding after I guess centuries, shouldn’t they speak the ancient language like the familiars? @MyLovelyWriter
Honestly this entire Series should be a movie like separate movies. I can see it bow
wordbywordx wordbywordx Sep 29
FTR / 29 September (30 in Aus) / now I have to go slow reading this book because this fifth isn’t finished yet 😭❤️
shusherra shusherra Aug 21
you all probably don't bother but I've decided to read the series backwards. I was bored. But the afterwards, I reread it all again and it's still fascinating, nevertheless.
They should go to the next place that is going to be targeted by the demonic infection
wordbywordx wordbywordx Sep 29
Wait I forgot, do you need all the keys to open it or just one?