I'm English. 

Need I say more?

I love music-especially piano (but I also play cello)- and I also love dancing. I am English, but I live in the caribbean. Other than the hobbies I mentioned before, I LOVE reading. I always have my nose in a book. I used to be as frequent a writer as I am a reader, but I suffered from a case of writer's block and since then haven't visited wattpad. After recently experiencing a miraculous recovery, I started writing the old fasioned way-on a legal notepad. Once I'd written a few chapters, I decided to type it up on wattpad so that people (that's you!) can read it and I'm going to test my luck by trying to write more on some of my old stories. Fan? Sure! And then you can also vote and like and stuff. Whatever.


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Mizzy98 Mizzy98 Jun 27, 2011 02:00PM
@MissRadMad I really like your profile picture. That's what got me intrested in your work at first. :)
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Book 1: Shapes

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Description: Lucy Smith, better known as ‘Lu’, is actually Lupita Shanon, a descendent of the ancient royal family of the shapeshifters. A gang of excessumers from the Shadow World are sent to either recruit or dispose of...


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