╰☆╮ sarcastic quirky and funny
╰☆╮i love to read and tend to wake up with crazy ideas
╰☆╮ engaged
╰☆╮ in love and sadly my moods effect my writing
╰☆╮i work in a factory ;/ 12 hour shifts so when im tired im dead lol
╰☆╮i write because the inspiration hits me, not to impress others, altho i do appreciate a fan and comments!!
╰☆╮i love paranormal and horror and paranormal romance.
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    Etowah, Tennessee
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    Feb 24, 2012 08:16AM

MissScarlettRayne MissScarlettRayne Nov 10, 2012 10:28PM
@me2you804  its really insane but i could have sworn i fanned your months ago ive read both of your devil books and been waiting super impatciently for the second ones updates, when i noticed it wasn...
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Tainted Love(The Kings Daughter)

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Description: What happens when scarlett is forced into a arranged marriage by her father the king, what happens when their are complications, what does she do when shes rejected by something she cant control, and what happ...


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what happens when the most safe place on earth turns out to not be so safe, when the death toll starts s...

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