Love God, Love People, Love Life! 
That's my motto!

-I sing, and I write.
-I'm a photographer.. :)
-I absolutely LOVE to read!
-I'm an animal lover.
-I am a country girl at heart.
-I feel no emotion -_- haha, just kidding... kind of.
-I have more bite than I do bark, so seriously, don't get me mad.


And I also LOVE hearing feedback! So, if you read my stories, message me! Tell me what you think! I love having different opinions by different people :)

I am not on as often as I used to be, I will try to fix that soon. I must get back into writing like I used to be.

Message me anytime, I will reply. Because Wattpad is mostly the only social life I have lol. Yes, I just lol-ed on Wattpad. I'm just boss like that B)

Okay.. that's it. Check out my stories? Please and thank you! :D

P.s. I am a proud Brony ♥ pegasister doesn't sound as awesome.

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    In Wonderland, hangin' with Alice!
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    Jul 20, 2012 02:23AM
MermaidPearl MermaidPearl Nov 19, 2015 03:00AM
*Note to Everyone* I have a new story in the making, but unfortunately I will be deleting 'I Am Normal'. I'm sorry I never finished it, and I'm sorry to all of you who really wanted an update. I feel...
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The Alpha's Mate _ wattpadprize14

Social data: 153K reads. 1.9K votes. 88 comments.

Description: This entire story is dedicated to the creators of *SOOTB's* and *Alpha's Baby* So....... This story is about a 15yr old girl named Christina, but everyone calls her Chris. Chris is an ordinary girl with an ord...

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