Every book that involves cheating makes me want to physically harm myself yet I seem to gravitate towards those books.

I always read books that start with the retelling of the main character's life struggle. As sh*t continues, all I ever think to myself is that I would've killed myself long ago - before the book even takes place. And I wonder why they make it to the end of the book, alive and happy (most of the time) when I can't even make a simple day at school without thinking about how much easier it would be to end it.

Then, I realize, not everybody is as weak as I am. They can fight and make it through everyday until it's not a struggle anymore.
(Not that people that kill themselves are weak. They're just trapped in sadness. I'm weak because I'm fine and there's no reason for me to be so... unstable with my emotions all the time. I'm putting my petty f*cking problems at the same levels as other people's actual problems by considering the same solution.)

Thank you for reading about how worthless I am. Please leave politely with no rude comments about how stupid I am. As if anyone would waste their time.

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For Him (completed)
Everything I do is to make him happy. And he will be. With her.
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Wrist (Completed)
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