I'm LightsInLondon.

Welcome to my page, filled with hormonal werewolves, insane witches, and half-breeds.


Oh, and,

If anyone wants to edit my stories, want me to edit theirs, or just want to chat please feel free to email me at LightsInLondon@yahoo.com. I ask though of no spamming and to act maturely.


I do have a trilogy and some people have a problem getting which one is first and so forth, so here you are:

1.) My Arranged Fiancé is an Alpha Werewolf

2.) My Arrogant Mate is an Alpha Jerk

3.) My Agitated Mate Can't Deal with my Alpha Ass


Also if having difficulties reading my stories because of private chapters:

Mobile app:

1.) Follow me.

2.) Delete story from library.

3.) Exit the app.

4.) Refresh app. [Stop it from running in the background.]

5.) Open app.

6.) Add story into library.

7.) Enjoy.

Web browser:

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My Arranged Fiance Is An Alpha Werewolf [Book 1 of Alpha Mate Trilogy]

Social data: 1M reads. 19.4K votes. 1K comments.

Description: Gabrielle is your normal teenager with a job, school, and a somewhat lonely social life. Staying close to her mother, she thinks that her life is perfect they way it is; without her father, without friends, and with Mr. Wiggles her cute, fluffy cat...

Mature Completed

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My Arrogant Mate Is An Alpha Jerk [Book 2 of Alpha Mate Trilogy]

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Sorceress's Light {Book One of Sorceress Trilogy} [Currently On Hold]

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