THE biggest question ever........Who am I???????
well the simple answer will be I am me...................
but we are not here to know the "simple answer" now are???
so more elaborately......
I am a normal 12th grader who dreams about being a doctor.👩⚕️👩⚕️
A girl who is hopeless romantic 💓💓(i am not ashamed to say this) and who dreams of a happily ever after💗💗(don't we all?????)
So yes I love those cliche bad boy gets the good girl or bad girl gets the good boy type of books!!!!👫
I am that person who on first glance you will think of as shy or even QUIET!!!😳(oh the horror!!!!!) but once you get to know me I am anything but quiet😉😉.Infact I am the most talkative person you might ever meet!!!

My hobbies include:

I love books a lot!!!!!!!! But i have to admit that I do judge a book by its cover(in the most litral sense).I believe that if the book cover is amazing then the book is no doubt just as good or even better in some cases.

Although I really love writing be it short stories,essays ,poems or even songs.......I have tried all of it. Regret chornicles is my first attempt at writing a novel which slowly expanded and now I am thinking of making it a trilogy.I have also written a few songs(which i am too shy to actually let people hear so.....😳)

The Golden Girl Trilogy🌟🌟
Storm and Silence series🌩🌩
The Bad boy,Cupid and Me💘
are SOME of the books which I absolutely LOVE on wattpad.Other can be found in my reading lists!!!!!!So check em out!!!!!!

I also take friendships very seriously.I am someone who you can trust with your secrets. The only thing I expect back is being able to trust you with my secrets.My trust has been broken many times in the past due to which I have trust if I trust you then you better not break it cause I don't trust again!!!!!

I follow back...but please don't follow to unfollow!!
It's very, VERY rude!!!

Last but certainly not the least I LOVE NUTELLA!!!!
  • Where ever there is .....NUTELLA!!!! and BOOKS!!!!
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~LOVE OR HATE~ {REGRET CHRONICLES} [BOOK 1] by Lovingbabec4434
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