I'm Ivy!! Do I love writing? Absolutely! Am I good at it? You'd find out if you read one of my stories... Or all of them. But hey who am I to tell you what to do?
~Death Note is amazing, Okay?
~Stiles Stilinski and Isaac Lahey are mine. Insult teen wolf? I'll hire an assassin to hunt you down and kill yo
~If your interested... My favorite bands are All-American Rejects, Cash cash, Cobra Starship, and This Century
Okayyyyy I'll stop boring you now. Byyee!

Why are you still here? I said bye. Now GOOD DAY SIR!!!! Or Ma'am!
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Living In Beacon Hills

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Description: (Teen Wolf fan-fiction) Bella Concord is a normal girl, who like ten thousand other girls is heart token over her old boyfriend. Until Isaac sweeps in and becomes her new rock. Then he mysteriously disappears...


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Story Reading List

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