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Joint account guysss just saying

Yassss we bestfriends.

Oh and follow us we advise you to...its the right thing to do. Your choice
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Just posted another imagine xx
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All grown up [chresanto august]

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Description: It's been 6 years since he's laid his eyes on her. Not once when he was locked up did she visit, he never understood why. He was looking for answers. 6 years on and nobody had the full story. She was differe...


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The Reflection. (Royce)

The Reflection. (Royce)

15.3K 788 128

"So badly fucked up, don't even know what's real or not. Honestly, don't care anymore," - Anon

Baby Mama | [Chris Brown]

Baby Mama | [Chris Brown]

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- she spends an hour everyday making herself look like a rose, not realising I'm in love with the roots

All-Star Imagines [open requests]

All-Star Imagines [open requests]

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Hey, this is my book of imagines. I openly take requests and I'll be updating this book often in case I'...

Flatline (RayxChres)

Flatline (RayxChres)

409 25 2

This is the story of a successful man, who's aim is to help those who are in need no matter how difficul...

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