I LOVE anime and fanfic's but I love my best friends the most, don't take that in a weird way....

I also LOVE manga, I probably won't write much, I mostly and probably only read 'xReader' fanfics...

I'm weird sometimes, I'm currently depressed and I'm taking pills for it.

Wellp I THINK that's ALL u need to know about me? ✺ℏ ᾰℵᖱ ! ḉᾰℵ'т ḟ✺ℓℓ✺ω ᾰℵ⑂✺ℵḙ ḙℓṧḙ Ի!❡ℏт ℵ✺ω ♭ḙḉᾰṳṧḙ !'ṽḙ Իḙᾰḉℏḙᖱ тℏḙ Պᾰ✘!ՊṳՊ ᾰՊ✺ṳℵт ( translated to normal font : OH and I can't follow anyone else right now because I've reached the maximum amount )

You can also go Subscribe to my Youtube channel, Sin_Glitch.. If the isn't an account then search Welcome To My Channel and click the one made bye me and subscribe! Thanks!!
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