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Description: Three women, one calling: to bring hope to the hopeless and strength to the weary.

@KathrynMiehette  remember there is strength in willing submission, and just because you allow someone to lead where you cannot or don't know anything does not make you weak and the partner should know that even though you might give control to them sometimes it does not mean it will be all the time. 
Hello, Everyone! I know it's been ages, but there's a lot happening in my life right now. I used to think that was such a cop out, and really, who would ever not have time to write? Me, I guess. I'm getting married in November! So, book ideas are still swarming my mind, and I'm still working on things, but it's disjointed instead of flowing because I'm getting better and I'm not confined to my bed for 10+ waking hours a day. 
      I haven't forgotten you guys. I am so very grateful for your support that words fail me, and I look forward to the calmer days that allow me to write fluidly once again.
      On another note, I've done all I can with Twice Taken, and I simply cannot repost/publish it. I know that it is a favorite, but it came from the absolute darkest time in my life, and my desperation allowed me to write things that my conscience is grieved over and my spirit is ashamed of. 
      There are so many things that I misunderstood when writing that series, and so many have only gleaned the eroticism from the books, that it breaks my heart. I had hoped that the books would help men see that their rightful place is the head of their homes, but not as a tyrant; as a servant-leader, and that women would understand that submission and slavery; obedience and enabling a vastly differing things. "I love you too much to allow you to treat me like that" is a very important part of submission--it is the trust given to one who is WORTHY. 
      I love you all, and I pray God's blessings rain upon you like a hurricane and wash away your troubles like a raging river. Peace and mercy to you all,