Kara is a quiet, introverted yet friendly aspiring author from the Netherlands, with a predilection for the English language. Not only does she teach it in her every day life, she reads and writes in it as well.

Fantasy has always been her first love when it comes to books. It started out when she no more than fourteen years old and was introduced to the Lord of the Rings. Soon after, she diligently visited a bookstore in Amsterdam to buy her beloved English books.

A passion for writing was ignited not long after, but feeling it wasn't good enough, she left it for what it was, and continued with her life. The dream to one day write a book and get it published, remained.

Fast forward to 2018 when a friend challenged her to participate in NaNoWriMo, and see who would finish. So on the first of November, she settled herself behind her laptop, coffee and snacks to the side, and started with four lines she came up with almost sixteen years ago. During November, the first draft was written and Kara's dream to finally, maybe, possibly publish a book, became real.

Current WIP:
Crown of Conspiracy, book 1 of The Ilvannian Chronicles
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