Official Announcement: Come by Night is getting a big makeover! I'm hoping to release a new and improved version of the original in 2023! Stay tuned!

Hello dear friends, potential agents, and beautiful readers everywhere! I am Xander Cross, author of "The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica," and welcome to my cozy little corner of Wattpad! Please grab a coffee and sit for a spill, and allow me to whisk you away into unfamiliar territory where dreams are inseparable from nightmares.

I am a yōkai and kitsune enthusiast. Blending old lore with modern storytelling, you will find my writings haunted by these wonderful Japanese legends with a twist - the monsters are the protagonists.

All photos are my own images. You can check out my cosplay on, stalk me on and, or find me at Actually, skip Twitter - I suck at it.

"Come by Night" is an artifact written by a character in my Supernatural Thriller/Cyberpunk series "The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica." Book One 'The Origin of the White Wind' - now available on Amazon for Kindle, Goodreads, and paperback!

All stories are original works of complete fantasy. Images and words are the exclusive property of ©️Xander Cross. Do not take without permission and credit. Thank you.
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Stories by ayakashi_fox
The Curse of the Futakuchi Onna by ayakashi_fox
The Curse of the Futakuchi Onna
Mean-spirited and cruel, Natsumi is cursed into the existence of a terrifying yōkai by the Demon Fox, Isamu...
Come by Night 2: Winter's Moon by ayakashi_fox
Come by Night 2: Winter's Moon
Seven years after being ripped apart, Hotaru and Isamu have reunited at last. The nine-tailed demon fox takes...
Come by Night 3: Kitsune No Yomeiri by ayakashi_fox
Come by Night 3: Kitsune No Yomeiri
Hotaru and Isamu are wed at last! Oh, happy day! Or is it? When a divine messenger appears to admonish the t...
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