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Favorite books series: There just so many books that I like it's hard to choose.Vampire Academy,The Vampire Diaries (Until fire L.J Smith, The Secret Circle (until fire L.J. Smith). Hunger games, and The Caster Chronicles
Favorite T.V Series: (Have many) Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Lairs, Nine life's of Chloe King (Canceled, really mad about it), The Secret Circle (Also Canceled, also mad)
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Goal: Finish writing a book (that isn't a school assignment)

*Random facts:
~_~Once had small obsession with Justin Bieber
~_~Love Paul Wesley
~_~My favorite color is purple
~_~I'm straight though don't have a problem with same sex relationships
~_~I'm single
~_~First kiss was with a guy that I got dared to kiss while playing truth or dare
~_~Total Stelena fan (Stefan and Elena for 'The Vampire Diaries')
~_~Have many more stories that aren't even half way through that I've stopped writing (I do that a lot, stop writing a book because I got an idea for a different one)
~_~Terrified of spiders(can't even kill one)
~_~I love animals.
~_~I have 3 cats, 2 dogs
~_~I have had approximately 30 pets through out my life
~_~I have taken a total of three breathalyzer tests. Which all came up negative.
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