I am a fifteen-year-old boy/guy/man who wants to finish a book once. Please, brain, be good to me. The Ranger's Apprentice series helped me to try this and sustain my writing abilities. John Flanagan is a tremendously amazing writer. Not only did it help me how to write, but also helped me to go to a creative, imaginative world where I would meet the other side of me.

I am a Wizard, Half-Blood, Narnian, Jedi, Mutant, and a Hobbit!

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JustineDy JustineDy Dec 10, 2013 10:09AM
@TeaIsLeafJuice It's a necklace. :) Well, I don't think that story will end up well.
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Description: [Fantasy] [Adventure] Book 1 of The Barbarian's Quest Series. The noble barbarians aim to defeat the evil god-like Basilisk who has the scale like a silver dragon. Brad, the barbarian who is elected to be the...


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