The Barbarian's Quest: The Search of the Basilisk (On Hold)

The Barbarian's Quest: The Search of the Basilisk (On Hold)

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justine By JustineDy Updated Jan 02, 2013

[Fantasy] [Adventure] Book 1 of The Barbarian's Quest Series.

The noble barbarians aim to defeat the evil god-like Basilisk who has the scale like a silver dragon. Brad, the barbarian who is elected to be the King of all barbarians, is trying to know the truth how Basilisk is made, how he is created and why he seeks revenge. 

When he finally finds out the truth, he miserably causes more trouble to the whole land Sicaltry, kidnaps happen; and secrecy is one of the main thing that the evil enemy do. Predatios, the cruel, unmerciful dark wizard strikes to unleash his own-made power that he plans to defeat and kill the half-immortals duo.

  • archers
  • barb
  • barbarians
  • basilisk
  • blacksmith
  • centaurs
  • chimera
  • coward
  • crystal
  • defenders
  • ersatz
  • escape
  • forest
  • goddesses
  • gods
  • incantations
  • ink
  • king
  • magics
  • minion
  • mount
  • nations
  • nymphs
  • parents
  • pegasus
  • phoenix
  • piece
  • priscilla
  • pythons
  • satyrs
  • scimitar
  • scythe
  • silver
  • souls
  • stephor
  • sword
  • tentacles
  • tribes
  • warlord
  • wizards
  • wretched
LSBeddes LSBeddes Oct 26, 2013
I'm just wondering why you would put this on hold when its your most popular piece.
Theodore21 Theodore21 Dec 31, 2012
                              what do you mean? the last chapter of the last part of this one?
Theodore21 Theodore21 Dec 31, 2012
Almost. With paragraph 4 edit so it says not only WERE the people deceiving him but the Minotaurs BORE A DEEP HATRED towards him. If this is what you were going for. Anyway I'm going to read onward could you read mine please?
JustineDy JustineDy Dec 31, 2012
                              Now? Is it okay. Please check out the other chapters too, I prefer Chapter 14 above. Because 1-13 needs major editing...
Theodore21 Theodore21 Dec 31, 2012
I see you've corrected the mistakes but could you read paragraph 4 of the first page to yourself. To me it doesn't sound right to me
JustineDy JustineDy Dec 31, 2012
                              Thank you! :) I hope you can check out the latest chapters. I suppose. :D