Orb of the Demented Witches [Teaser]

Orb of the Demented Witches [Teaser]

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TrickyCard By JustineDy Updated Oct 15, 2012

[Fantasy] [Adventure] Book 1 of Unfathomable Reprisal's Chronicles

Nathan battles with the seven-headed serpent named Hydra. He saves his friends from abrupt dangers and severe incidents. Hydra doesn't stop helping his friend, who lives in the different world but as gigantic as him and as strong as him-- Kraken. 

Nathan in sudden receives an orb with different colors in it that conveys different elements. There are many classes of being a witch or a person that emits magic. Nathan receives the orb from the gods from the sky. 

When Hydra finds out the truth, he cries for the gods to help him too. The gods don't answer the request of Hydra; consequently, he takes avenge to get the orb, will kill Nathan and the gods for his peace and authority.

  • conjurer
  • magi
  • necromancers
  • orb
  • seers
  • shamans
  • sorcerers
  • warlocks
  • witches
  • wizards
JustineDy JustineDy Nov 08, 2012
                              What redundant sentence? 
                              Laugh? What? I don't get you...
JustineDy JustineDy Oct 28, 2012
                              Haha, sure...? 
                              I don't know, I'll do this as I finished the recent book.
Twilightsinsanefan10 Twilightsinsanefan10 Oct 28, 2012
@JustineDy Very soon? Oh come on! D: I can't wait that long! 
                              you've got to be kidding me. 
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                              lol, but let me know when you do! GOT IT?! 
JustineDy JustineDy Oct 21, 2012
                              I made this prologue questionable and very mysterious. I didn't give any information because, the next few chapters, I would give out the information of the characters. :) Thank you!
JustineDy JustineDy Oct 20, 2012
                              It's only a thought.
                              Yeah, I know, thanks :) 
                              It says : "I [think] it was spoken by a woman-- an old hag."
stilled stilled Oct 20, 2012
How did he know it was an old hag? As far as I know voices do not correspond to the person themselves.
                              I like the mystery, my mind is full of questions and it seems they can only be answered when you bloody update.