My name is Julisa :)
I just turned 17.
My birthday is May 1st.
I like to dance, sing, write, read, hang out and meet new people.
I'm a nerd for video games!
I'm different :)
Also a roleplayer.
I'm not mean, I'm just brutally honest :)
I have light brown eyes.
I LOVE makeup..
But I'm not a girly-girl.
I'm a really cool person, so get to know me! :D

When I write, I usually write about high school stuff. Let's be real for a minute, high school has A LOT of drama but it's also the best four years of anyone's life. That's why I write high school/ college/ real life stories. I put a lot of drama in my stories, so I think long and hard and carefully about what I put in it.
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