Hey, the name's Berenice. I'm a girl who's Insomniac (hence the name), Hispanic, a Proud Hufflepuff, Virgo, Antisocial, Bisexual, Weird, and a Major Procrastinator! 

My hobbies consist of Doing All Nighters, Writing, Reading, Anime Watching, Shipping, Show Bingeing, Drawing, Singing and Dancing in my room like a Moron, and Being Bored.

The Fandoms I'll forever be stuck with (BECAUSE THERE'S NO ESCAPING!).... are,
-Doctor Who
-The Walking Dead
-Teen Wolf
-Grey's Anatomy
-Harry Potter
-The Hunger Games
-Star Wars
-The 100
-The Maze Runner
-How To Get Away With Murder
-Agents of Shield
-American Horror Story
-The Big Bang Theory
-Jurassic Park/World
-Avatar: The Last Airbender
-Total Drama
but I'm always joining more!

I'm OBSESSED with anime, ESPECIALLY Naruto, and I'll Never. Stop. Watching!

I ship LOTS of characters/ pairings and I will not list them because there's TOO

Fictional characters are my bestest (ONLY) friends, and when they die, I cry (SOB LIKE A BABY!).

You could suggest stories to me and I'll read them because I spend ALL day and night on Wattpad.

✨✨ IDK, I'M WEIRD.✨✨

Any questions you have for me or if you just want to talk, message me.

If you want I could draw fan art for your books, just ask :3




✨✨I HAVE NO LIFE!!! ✨✨

"They looked at me like I was strange...So, I looked at them like they were normal."

'Illegal' by Shakira, is currently my obsession!

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YAY! 1K FOLLOWERS!!! I know it's not much to others, but it's a lot to me and I really appreciate all of my followers, so thank you! I love you all! 
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