It Began With a Smirk

It Began With a Smirk

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Jadelinn By JadedRein Completed

When Rein decided to make the move from Connecticut where she'd been living with her marine father to join her spontaneous mother in sunny California she hadn't any idea what was awaiting her. She arrives to the sight of packed boxes and learns that, as if one move wasn't enough, she'd be joining her mother in moving in with her fiancé and his obnoxious son.

As time moves on Rein begins to develop a new life she'd never expected herself to have in a million years. Surrounded by wealthy carefree teenagers she wades through her own problematic past to create friendships, romances and enemies all with Kale in tow.

As annoyingly smug as her attractive step-brother-to-be is, they befriend each other and the roller coaster of drama commences full speed straight ahead.

Wolfie_325 Wolfie_325 Aug 10
My dad raised me right as well, but that doesn't mean I can't badmouth someone
I love your writing, and I'm starting to write on here to @JadedRein. I would appreciate it so much if you could read it and give me some pointers. I only have 2 parts so far, but I plan to update often. I love you so much! Please give me pointers! I want to be like you!
LukesChick LukesChick Sep 02
I wonder what was going thourgh his parents minds when they decided to called him Kale? 😂
book_whale book_whale Apr 12
Umm what?! Like seriously Is she really calling her mom by her first name?!
kaylajjames kaylajjames Nov 25, 2015
                              The only manners I was taught was 
                              1. Don't talk with food in ur mouth.
                              2. Finders keepers
                              3. Don't stick a comb in your brothers ear
kaylajjames kaylajjames Nov 25, 2015
I have plenty siblings and still don't know how to act around them 
                              Except for ash, my twin, and DeMari, my little brother.