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Hi there! I love fiction and I'm sorta Game of Thrones trash. Horror, mystery, and sci-fi are some of my favorite genres although I do like fantasy--as long as it mostly makes sense and is well-written, I'll probably read it. Nonfiction is cool, especially if it's about biology and such, but I don't really like history unless it's got some juicy info. However, I'm not really into fan fiction.

I'm always told that I'm a great writer, but I personally feel that I'm kinda hit-and-miss with prose. I'm a LOT better with poetry but I'm not really comfortable with publishing any of that online (unless by popular demand...). I'm more of a visual artist. Whenever I try to write stories, all I know is how I want it to start, how I want it to end, and what the ultimate climax is. I just can't figure out how to get there so I try to make it up as I go (bad, I know). Actually, most of my stories never get to the climax unless they're shorts, so I usually end up deleting them after awhile in embarrassment :B
However, I am working on ignoring that and just plowing through writer's blocks even if I feel like it doesn't make sense. Comments are appreciated!

Also, if you've got a deviantart it would be awesome if you dropped by to say hey! I am basically neck deep into ARPGs so occasionally there's writing regarding those characters, but I still post regular work there.
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