Hi! We're Jess and Jodi. We are two girls writing, well, attempting to write stories. Thanks for reading!

About Us:
All you gotta know if I'm hella rad.

Love reading and writing
I'm sarcastic, I have been told that I defy the "too young to be cynical" rule.
Seriously really sarcastic & told on a regular basis that I have a bad attitude
I write mostly fantasy/romance combinations, a little supernatural too.
I'm completely obsessed with the shows Reign, How I Met Your Mother and Once Upon a Time
I'm undeniably crazy (apparently I'm the fun type...?)
Don't follow my example on anything its probably not going to end well for you
Or me if you tell people where you got the idea...
People who don't know me very well say I'm polite. This fact amuses me to no end.

Stick around and see what we come up with! Love, Jess and Jodi.
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Not Your Typical Love Story

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Description: Scarlett Pierce is your typical popular cheerleader: gorgeous, blonde, and of course is dating the hottest guy in school. Except she's not. She's not mean, conceited, power-hungry, or a two-faced bitch. Everything in Scarlett's life seemed to be goi...

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Oh my god we are so sorry. It's amazing to know that we have loyal fans like you out there and we apologize for putting the book on hold for more than a year (that was a dick move). We are truly sorry and thank you so much for reminding us how important this story is and we PROMISE we will continue working on it and finishing it will be at the top of our list :) And thank you for being so honest with us we really appreciate it! 
      Love, Jodi and Jess