...remember, the crowd that applauds your coronation, is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show..
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The Emancipation Of Munashai

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Description: I smiled back up at him and I knew. I knew he would be the first man I would kill.

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Nothing Was The Same.

Nothing Was The Same.

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Just another love story. Just a nice clean, and sometimes complicated love story set in London.

The Secret Life of a Toilet Dweller

The Secret Life of a Toilet Dweller

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Follow Satiah through her college life as she battles to tear herself away from the toilet cubicles and...

Barber Shop

Barber Shop

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Quick paced story about a barber shop in the middle of one of the busiest, yet liveliest cites, London...

I know it's the 30th, I will finish Power and update TD another time before I stop updating my Wattpad completely! 
IndiesDynasty posted a message to GoodAssJob
I'm a silent reader, normally don't comment much or interact, just love a book, a cuppa, some chocolate and my bed...but tomorrow is the last day of september i've been following your writing for years-literally and i am still infatuated so it would be a blessing if you uploaded before midnight tomorrow however honestly, if you dont, reading your stories has been an amazing experience-one of my many guilty pleasures & if you dont upload please dont delete them. Good Luck w/ uni hun x
Oladele1 posted a message to GoodAssJob
Power is THE best story I've ever read. It really just helps me through the day. Your writing has made me laugh when I feel sad. Not trying to be corny or nothing. I just feel like I still lose my mind if I don't know the ending to power. And I wish you the best of luck girl l.
AbiLDN posted a message to GoodAssJob
 Hope this year in Uni will be great for you. I honestly didn't mind that you updated with a huge gap. it made you're writing much more exciting to read, every time I saw an update I'm always excited. 
      oh and please don't change your mind about deleting stories. I love them too much and would hate to never read them again even if their not finished.
      GOOD LUCK 
Hello guys! 
      Just a quick announcement, at the end of this month (September 2015) I will no longer post any new stories or any updates.
      I won't be posting anything anywhere, and whilst I probably will continue writing it'll be for personal consumption (unless I write something super bomb, but that is super unlikely). 
      There's no big reasons behind this, expect I'm going into my second year of Law. My education is extremely important to me. I just don't have the time to dedicate and write what I want to in what I think is fair time (as in I hate posting every three months, but I constantly do it). I'm not know the mind frame that I want to be either. My mind and life need a major spring clean and I need to get myself to where I want to be. I didn't want to stop writing or delete my account without any warning or explanation. 
      I want shut down the account incase anyone still wants access to the books or me ;) and because I'll still be commenting on all my favourite books! 
      I'm not sure what I will or won't post (yes, I may not write the last chapter of Power, don't hate please) but I will post what I can and try to finish all the stories I started -  but after the last day of September, there shall be no more updates or new stories. 
      Thank you for the continuous support, I really don't know why you guys like what I write so much. I think it's so trash lol 
      My inbox, as usual, is always open to anyone and everyone.  
      Love you guys lots and will miss all your comments which usually made me smile for weeks xx <3 <3