First off, I am a sick twisted son (actually daughter) of a bitch so so you no like them suck my 18 inch hypothetical dick. Fuck yea, YAOI! I am an awesome chickee that is pansexual. Lol I flirt with girls and like to touch them (pervy face) and I like to date boys (horn dog face). I have imaginary friends that are like my bestest friends cuz I was a lonely (and disturbed) child and I live in my imaginary world. I am random as hell. I have a cursing problem and a total dare devil. I get in trouble all the time because i'm so blunt. I can't dance, but that doesn't stop me from doing it. I love to sing. I'm good, but i can make myself sound bad. I love the colors light pink, all shades of blue, black, blood red, royal purple, lavender, and peach. Me and my friends are total pervs and I once followed some guys into the boy's bathroom ON ACCIDENT (not really). I have ADD and I luv harassing my besties' boyfriends. I get into fights all the time especially with boys. I finally started wearing girl's clothes XP. I love all types of music except classical and country. I love rock, but it makes me fall asleep. My name is Megan, but it means Marguerite in english. My middle name is ebere, but it means mercy in english. I love my friends and i wanna be a flying squirrel when i grow up.
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Confessions of a Wrongly Priest

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911 Operater: 911 what's your emergency. Me: There's a panda humping my leg!
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