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"The mind is a scary place, just ask an author."
-N.A. Carson

**The odd child, lost in "Imagination Land."
*Slightly embarrassed by my old work...
*Oblivious with a short attention span.
**Starting writing when I was 11 or 12.
*I read all comments, and messages.
**Introverted and proud!
*LGBT writer

Character Lists, Demon Family Tree, and Werewolf Ranking/ Element Quiz: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1giLryTK3npP8XI9ylZPp4dXUPMr1r5G36kUZPqSfpbk/edit?usp=sharing


*DEMON SERIES: Demon (original)--Hell's Angel--River--Raven--Saigon--Rogue--Hidden Peak--Lost in Captivity
**Demon 2.0-future re-writes
*700--For A Price (Hint: Read entire first chapter)
**ELEMENTAL SERIES: Inferno--Polar Flux--To Catch a Breeze
*BELOVED--This is Glek
**The rest are stand alone.

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Northern Ridge (Book 7)

Social data: 615 reads. 66 votes. 25 comments.

Description: -Book 7: Prequel to Demon- Xavier can’t take it. Rose just hopes they don’t kill each other, And Northern Ridge is praying they grow up quickly. Titus and Darius can’t become adult soon enough. It doesn't...

#290 in Paranormal


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List