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"The mind is a scary place, just ask an author."
-N.A. Carson

~~~LINKS ~~~

Character Lists, Demon Family Tree, and Werewolf Ranking/ Element Quiz: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1giLryTK3npP8XI9ylZPp4dXUPMr1r5G36kUZPqSfpbk/edit?usp=sharing


*DEMON SERIES: Demon--Hell's Angel--River--Raven--Saigon--Rogue--Hidden Peak--Lost in Captivity( re-writes/2.0 same order)
*700--For A Price (Hint: Read entire first chapter)
**ELEMENTAL SERIES: Inferno--Polar Flux--To Catch a Breeze
*BELOVED--This is Glek
**The rest are stand alone.

~~~NONE LBGT STORIES here ---->http://www.wattpad.com/user/IntroSpectic
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varzanic varzanic a day ago
For the Coin give Away:
      I found out Radish hasn't installed comments as of yet. So for the 500 coin give away, on Chapter 6 of To Catch a Breeze put your results for either the Werewolf Ranking Quiz...
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To Catch a Breeze

Social data: 7.7K reads. 585 votes. 173 comments.

Description: --Elemental Series-- (Wind: Book 3) The wind can be a subtle thing, until Jerric gets a hold of it. He loves the rush of forming a tornado and blowing away anything that gets in his path. When encased in hi...

#102 in Fantasy


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List