^ Yes, that is indeed me. 
English name]

Zhei (Pronounced "Gee" )

- 1st Generation Chinese American.

-US Military Cadet
-Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
- Very busy in College. It's slow progress but yes, I am writing. I don't plan to give up finishing my works until I put down the last period to end my story.

Cross Country Runner
avid competition shooter
rock climber

- I also enjoy writing and playing music on my free time
- If you ever decide to write any fiction and need some military know-how, terminology, info,check the non-fiction works below, or ask myself.

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Blood Phoenix

Blood Phoenix

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[ The Arsenal ] The Wattpad Writer's guide to Modern Weapons

[ The Arsenal ] The Wattpad Writer's guide to Modern Weapons

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Every wattpad writer has that moment (well, for action, thriller, spy fiction) does. That "I need to th...

Trigger -= Short Story/One shot =-

Trigger -= Short Story/One shot =-

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*what happens when I attempt a one-shot story and push myself to complete it as much as I could in 24 ho...


      Jake smiled.
      "No, not by a long shot. I've treated a whole lot of gunshot wounds back in my days. This is minor. She's probably lost a good amount of blood, but, run a blood bag or two, she'll be all right. Simple stuff really," he pointed to the entrance wound as he pressed around it, helping a nurse stitch the area in, before turning her on her side and worked on the exit.

      "Alright, here we go," Jake breathed, looking at the girl with the nurses as one of them quickly dipped shears in alcohol and handed it to me, as I cut the girl's shirt off. 
      "Superficial gunshot wound, all meat. That's a one in a million lucky shot," he muttered before turning to Elle.
      "Alright, get your gloves on. No contamination, keep it clean. We got an entry and an exit. Plug it. Gimme gauze, and a clotting agent."

Jake holstered his pistol as he stepped back into the barn, chatting with one of the nurses.
      "Need a hand?" He asked to one of them casually, in the midst of the running around and rush of the area. 
      One of the nurses quickly nodded to him, and he rolled his sleeves in response, rapidly exchanging information with the nurse on vital signs as he whistles off to some of the camp group members around him,
      "if you guys are free up, have know-how, and willing, give me a hand," he told them, looking at some who seem hesitant as he rummages through a medical cabinet.
      "Now I know ya'll might not like strangers, but a person's a person. We got an obligation to live and take care of each other. If she's not one of Them, then she's one of us in my book."
      Sarah relaxed back against the barn wall outside, ejecting the unspent bullet from her rifle and slipping it back into her satchel of ammunition, before looking at the distraught young man. She walked over to the man, and quietly knelt in front of him, pulling out from her worn down backpack a small metal tin and her plastic canteen, pouring a little bit of water before handing it to him. 
      She watched the young man sip on the tin, hands slightly shaky.
      "Your friend's in good hands. They're good people," she nodded at the barn.

      (Lol isn't all of this pretty much fluff?) 
      Jake shrugged, easing back against the grass as he dug through his ruck pack,pulling out a plastic canteen, emblazoned with a blue sharpie labeled "4".
      "You drink water much for it? You should probably know to put some water in yourself to compensate with the alcohol," he replied as he unscrewed the cap off, handing it off to her.
      " 'Course you were a med. student weren't you? Unless you failed out of Organics," he joked as he looked at his rifle, digging through his bag as he found a cleaning rod and a rag, meticulously starting to break the rifle down and clean the muck and raw carbon debris on the inside.

      Jake approached back to the camp alongside Sarah, his filled plastic canteens sloshing soothingly inside his ruck pack. Approaching the outskirts, he slung off his rifle and yanked back the bolt handle, letting Sarah have a clear view of his rifle being cleared before he ejected the magazine out of it, tucking it back inside a small side satchel pouch as Sarah nodded.
      "You going up top?" He asked casually to her.
      "Might as well. I'm quitting on Alcohol. Come bring me something up if you'd like," she told him as she walked off towards the barn.
      Jake shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked over to the campfire, sitting cross legged beside Annie. 
      "How're you doing tonight?" He asked casually, propping his rifle beside him.

Name:  Sarah Phillips
      Age:  24
      Gender: Female  
      Sexuality:  Hetero
      Appearance: http://tiny-img.com/image.php?di=6C9O
      Personality:  With a sharp tongue from her father, and wits to match from her mother, Sarah Phillips is known for her vocal and outspoken opinion, sometimes to a fault. She carries an unwavering moral compass that guides her and keeps her going, and an infectious laugh to bring people together at times. Being with Jake has taught her to keep herself grounded in reality, and optimism only brings someone so far. But that doesn’t prevent her from being creative and resourceful with the world around her, and that it doesn’t hurt to live a little.
      Background: A collegiate level rifle shooter for her university, Sarah was engrossed with all that was around her. The photo-shoots from national title target competitions, spotlight, and above all, the rumors that carried around her of the Femme Fatale on campus. Now at her last year in college, she eased back into the life of the three A’s. Academics, Ammunition, and Alcohol. 
      All would come crashing down on one evening, as the spread of the Corpses tore through campus, ravaging the landscape. People dying was a dime a dozen, and friends simply disappeared into the night, never to be seen again, or shot from the roving bands of other survivors. Sick of this helpless situation, she grit her teeth, packed her camping rucksack, her faithful rifle in hand, and journeyed to the world around her. 
      She walked miles around, stopping for little, taking what she needed. On one fateful afternoon as she walked down a road, a battered, bloodied police car police up alongside her slowly, the window opening, revealing a dirt smeared, but familiar face.
      The man inside grinned as he unlocked the door.
      “Isn’t this almost how we first met?” He joked.
      Sarah shook her head, amused, “with no pouring rain, no dress, and a worse car. Better than the first.”

Name:  Jake Huang
      Age:  24
      Gender: Male 
      Sexuality:  Hetero
      Appearance: http://tiny-img.com/image.php?dm=BGDD
      Personality:  A stoic and pragmatic man, Jake is known for his blunt yet tact way of speaking and discussing matters with people. He’s often known for his serious methodical approach, and is often frustrated with last minute indecisiveness people may have, “All or nothing,” as he might quote at times. 
      In spite of his succinct and sometimes brutally honest way of talking to people that can be off putting to people, and his brutally sarcastic sense of humor, Jake chooses his words with full weight and cares deeply for the people around him, and heavily invests in rallying those who are down, driving and pushing others around him in times of giving up. After all, this is all he has left from the life he’s leaving behind. 
      Background: A former Senior DEA agent and part-time teacher, Jake’s world crumbled around him as the concrete jungle streets of drugs that he fought against, now filled with shambling Corpses. The investigative offices of his work now decayed relics of what was once society, and his colleagues if not dead, one of Them. 
      With a beat up police cruiser, what little gear, ammunition, and technical know-how, he roared away from his past life, meeting an old female friend along the way as he ventured through what was left. He shed his business slacks for a pair of old jeans, and the familiar blue and gold jacket for a durable brown leather one.  
      Other: There are two relics in Jake’s life that he will never let anyone take from him. His DEA Agent badge with a bullet dent from a drug deal gone bad in a case, and a single dog tag left from his glory days of working overseas.
      [Female character in Reply]