English name]

Zhei (Pronounced "Gee" )

- 1st Generation Chinese American.

-US Military Cadet
- Very busy in College. It's slow progress but yes, I am writing. I don't plan to give up finishing my works until I put down the last period to end my story.

Cross Country Runner
avid competition shooter
rock climber

- I also enjoy writing and playing music on my free time
- If you ever decide to write any fiction and need some military know-how, terminology, info,check the non-fiction works below, or ask myself.

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-Action, # 209
-Mystery/suspense, Top 173 (Pre-Suspense/Mystery genre merge)
-Thriller, # 147

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- Non-Fiction #242


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Open Notepad: Recollections, rants, and commentary

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Description: An open notepad: A brutally honest, straightforward, and personal writings and commentary of Wattpad, the world around us, and reflections of significant events that shaped Feonix's life. And with the occas...


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[ The Arsenal ] The Wattpad Writer's guide to Modern Weapons

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Trigger -= Short Story/One shot =-

Trigger -= Short Story/One shot =-

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List