Hello! My name is Fallen Warrior, but you can call me Fallen for short! I'm very social on the internet, but very shy in the real world. You know where to find me! Das right! WhisperClan!!
#DankMemes bruh

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My Social Medias

Gmail - PheonixfeatherEmber@gmail.com
Yahoo - MeghanWitlox@yahoo.com
Animal Jam - Pheonixfeather4
Deviant Art - NightFrostWolf
Discord - Fallen Warrior

Discord servers I created
https://discord.gg/r7e6wAu - Wattpad Writers Discord

Born Broken (starting)
Feather and Silver, A Rogues Tale, The Long Journey (still making)
Ginseng's Tale (might discontinue)
Willow's Tale (might discontinue)
Warrior Cats Spoofs (still making)
Name That Warrior! (Open)
Warrior Cats RP (Open)
Fallen's Book of Random (still making)
Rain Wing's OC Book (still making)
[Short Story]
Wild Cats Rebel (still making)

My newest trend that I made is #SaveTheWild, because I feel that as our human world expands around us in ugly ways: tearing up trees, building houses, pacing roads, and taking the land where animals lived, leaving them homeless, the wild is shrinking. The animals were here before us, how would you feel if your home was taken away from you? It would help, even in the littlest way, to help spread this message around or use #SaveTheWild. It wouldn't make that much of a difference, but if I don't stand alone, then maybe we CAN make a difference. By helping me, you contribute to saving the wild.

To prove that you read that whole paragraph, please post #SaveTheWild on my message board.

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FallenWarrior_ FallenWarrior_ Oct 01, 2017 02:50PM
I haven't been updating Born Broken because as you can see, I've been updating other stuff
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Born Broken by FallenWarrior_
Born Broken Fanfiction
Stormkit, a ThunderClan kit, was born weaker than the other kits. Born in Leafbare during treacherous times, she struggles to survive. Death and mystery winds into her future, leaving her devastated. But sometimes...
Fallen's Book Of Random by FallenWarrior_
Fallen's Book Of Random Random
the title is very self explainable
Willow's Tale by FallenWarrior_
Willow's Tale Fanfiction
A young kit, abandoned by her mother, must survive in the wild on her own. She comes across many challenges, not all of them that easy, and find her way to Clan territory in hope to find other cats. Will she surviv...
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