For all you black YA writers out there Inkyard Press (part of Harlequinn) is accepting un-agented submissions from black creators. They have published authors such as Julie Kagawa, Gena Showalter, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and a story from a Wattpad writer Whitney D. Grandison. Big publishing companies never do this so if you have a manuscript ready go to the link to learn the submission process! And good luck!


@AthenaHernz good luck! ❤️


@DoNotMicrowave YOU. ARE. THE. BEST. Thanks for sharing this information!


Is there a sequel to the cell phone swap??? If yes please tell me the name... i really want to read it. You are a really good writer, I love reading your stories. 


Wahhh, I'm gonna buy the textrovert book once i earn money huhu. It's really good! 


can y'all please recommend stories like The Cell Phone Swap? I love this book, and I want to read some more. TIA ♡


Hey, I was reading a story on here and it's just way too similar to The Cellphone Swap, it's  honestly bugging me. They changed just enough to not be a direct copy, but still. It's called "I hate football players" by still_just_me. Hope you can do something about it, just wanted to let you know! Love your story!