Hello fellow wattpaders. 

Some things you might want to know:

✗I love anime and manga, writing, drawing and playing video games.

✗I have two accounts.

✗My favorite games are The Legend of Zelda, Professor Layton, Resident Evil, and any action game that interests me.

✗I am a Damonist. If you don't know what that is...then lets just say I love Damon from Vampire Diaries and his way of life. xD So any Stefan Lovers can kiss off.

✗I am currently working on: An Unlucky Love, Darker Than Black Fanfictions and Romeo and Jullian.

✗My favorite music is: Hip hop, R&B, Pop, Japanese, Dubstep and some Rock. I mainly listen to:

✮ Panic! At The Disco
✮ Tyler the Creator and Odd Future
✮ Evanescence and Plumb
✮ Kanon Wakeshima and Other Anime Songs
✮ Zelda Dubstep and Monster Dubstep Remix
✮ Hoodie Allen
✮ Mac Miller

✗ My favorite anime characters from some anime are:

ღ Zero, Rima, HeadMaster Cross and Senri from Vampire Knight
ღ Sebastian, Grell, and Ronald Knox from Black Butler
ღ Hei, Mao, Yin, July, November 11, and Hei from Darker Than Black
ღ Hikaru and Kaoru and Honey from Ouran Host Club
ღ Soul, Death the Kid, Chrona, and Black Star from Soul Eater
ღ Allen and Lavi from D. Gray Man
ღ Lawerence and Horo from Spice and Wolf
ღ Inuyasha, Kouga Sesshomaru, Shippo, Sango, and Kagra from Inuyasha
ღ Yoite, Miharu, and Yukimi from Nabari no ou
ღ Train and Sven from Black Cat
ღ Ikuto and Yoru from Shugo Chara
ღ Sasori, Shikamaru, Gaara, Sasuke, Itachi, Deidara and Kiba from Naruto
ღ Naru, Li, and John Brown from Ghost Hunt
ღ Natsu, Gray, Happy, Erza, Lucy and a whole lot more from Fairy Tail.

☮☯ I'll stop now. Before it gets out of hand. I've seen so much anime. That doesn't even cover it a third of the way. xD☮☯

✗ I have a passion for yaoi manga and anime. Love them! Awaiting the release of Hyper Child by the same people who wrote Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi! New yaoi called Tight Rope. <3
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@xScreamingBeautyx  @Ashyma Thanks guys. ;) I appreciate it alot~
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