Here are just a few facts about me ^_^

1. I love X-men, Transporter, Mission Impossible, Police Academy, Megamind^_^, Harry Potter, Prince of Persia, I Am Number 4, and I guess my brain isn't giving me any more movies because I am kinda stuck now... :)

2. I have two shitzus, one is a girl name Miztko, and the other is a boy named Rambo. 3 cats, all girls names are Riley, Yuki and Oreo because she looks like an Oreo.

3. Naruto is amazingly awesome but Sasuke is really sucks XD

4. Death Note, Fruits Basket, OHSHC, Naruto, Soul Eater, and more.. some of my fave anime

5. fire is a cool number Wait, hat?!?! ^_^

6. Fire or ice? CHEEZEBURGER

7. My favorite band is One Direction, but my favortie song would be... I don't know, there are too too many songs out there ^_^

8. favorite t.v shows is Friends. Joey's simple "How you doin'?" I bet you if you were a friends's fan too you said that in his voice didn't you ;)

9. If i were to change my name is'd have to go to Ashleigh because it's just awesome! Not saying it's my name but my name does indeed start with an A ^_^

10. It the sky is night,
And it is quite dark,
Find you light,
And make your MARK!

By: oj_ninja (aka ME!)

║ ÐEatнηΘ†E║

/ \

- I have the tendacy to stay up every second night, why you may ask... hmm, well i guess that's a question we may PONDER ON FOREVERRR!
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oj_ninja oj_ninja Aug 24, 2013 09:44PM
@Yakuza_Uchiha i dunno where you got the idea that i liked sasuke... but i hate him, he sucks and i want him to die......have a nice day? how's it going bro@mdoogle indeed it is mdoogle, indeed it i...
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