Want to buy a cheap commission from me? Check out this Google Doc for info, pricing, examples, and all the other info you'll need :P https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_Tu1OY3xmK7olAipiyGkgQZbwWOnxUQv6wduOYRTQKU/edit?usp=sharing

Boop! I am a defunct human being who doesn't know how to manage time.

One time my social anxiety was so bad, I told another human at a party that I had two butts.

I let my leg hair grow far past an easily shave-able length.

Sometimes I have roast chicken for breakfast.

I keep a journal, and if you're mean to me, I will say mean things about you in said journal where you'll never be able to read them, and this inability to know what trash I'm talking about you will consume your life until the ghost haunting your desk has to book himself into a rehab unit because he can't cope with your crap.

I'm asexual, and if you tell me I "just haven't met the right person" yet, I'll write your name in my journal and draw lots of mean faces around it.

I'm actually a pretty sound individual, but my Resting Bitch Face has become a part of my personality, so at first glance, you may wish to tell me I need to smile more. Do Not.

I write. You should check out what I write if you haven't already. I also draw. And read. And waste time. And talk a lot about myself.

The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea is a gay romance between a boy and a pretty golden merman who's both flirtatious and vaguely threatening at the same time. The story also has pirates, sailing, bucketloads of sass, cute moments, downright awful moments, tears, silliness, and a Mature rating. Updates can be a little slow owing to the fact that I am busy and/or procrastinating at any given moment.

My Tumblr (where it will quickly become apparent what kind of blog it is): http://ciphertext-x.tumblr.com/

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Hey guys! I've opened up monetary commissions for the first time ever, officially! You can see my Tumblr post for more info, and contact me via e-mail as it says on the post! You'll notice that the p...
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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [boyxboy] ON HIATUS by Ciphertext
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [boyxboy] ON HIATUS Fantasy
THE DEVIL & THE DEEP BLUE SEA IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS (July 2nd, 2017) "The first chance I get, I'm going to tear your throat out with my teeth and watch you drown. And it's only when you look into my eyes and...
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I can write obnoxious poetry about my experiences too
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Apparently it's a thing that we post our art here now, so that's what I'm doing! My art will be posted in batches. Cover by me!
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