If you enjoy the depth of Tolkien, the swashbuckling adventure of Dumas, and the character struggles of Martin, the world of Earthpillar is one you'll want to explore.

Written with flavors of alternative history, fantasy, and steampunk, Earthpillar epic adventure novels and half-tales are set in a world in which the Earth evolved differently. New continents, new peoples, new materials and technologies, blended with political intrigue, conflict, and exploration. Most Earthpillar stories---which span from prehistory to the steam age---are linked together in surprising ways, and are usually written from multiple character perspectives.

My debut novel, Lords of Deception, coming in October 2019, is the core of the Earthpillar nonlinear matrix of books and stories. To stay informed of upcoming books and receive discount codes for novels, you can subscribe to my mailing list at earthpillarbooks.com (infrequent, no spam, address stays private). You can also support my writing by buying direct from the website.

CURRENT STORY: The Fourth Messenger (updated weekly, 15+ chapters).
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Story by Christopher C. Fuchs
The Fourth Messenger by ChristopherCFuchs
The Fourth Messenger
Some said Azra was guided by the divine, others that she was a false prophet. Later generations agreed: she w...
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