Oh, poor wandering soul, by some cruel fate you've have stumbled into purgatory (my dark corner of wattpad). Hush, I know your afraid, I was once too. But the dead are not sinister. Oh no, they just want to be heard. And I know you are confused and lost among these tombstones. But understand this, you may find your way out yet. 

Come closer to the campfire. And I will tell you the stories of these graves. Would like to hear the tale of the SUICIDE GAMES? These dark and twisted stories will surely entertain you. As we untangle this dark world together.
What's that look in your eye for?

In case you want to know anything about me. There is nothing to know. I am just another lost soul trying to find my way out of this hell. I can't really remember to much about my past life.

Are you sure you want to know more about me?

Ugh, If I think a little harder and push back the fuzziness. I remember before I off myself, for the dark ritual spell known as Wattpad. I loved to write, I loved to walk among the tombstones and revist the graves of my past victims. And write their stories. These stories are not my own, they belong to the dead.
More you ask? Oh my, what a curious one you are?

AH, music is my life! besides the sweet sounds of my victims screams in my basement. I love: Bring me the horizon, Motionless In White, Five Finger Death Punch, Dethklok, Crown The Empire, Slayer, White Chapel, All That Remains, Scarlxrd, XXXTentacion, Anything that makes my ears and eyes bleed from the music of the dark lords.
If you wish to summon me from the depths of hell. Make a blood sacrifice and say my name three times in the mirror. And I will appear behind you. Or just inbox me ( The weak ass way)
  • In the back of the classroom drawing pentagrams in my notebook.
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