Hello! My name is Anna! I am super creative and work on multiple books at once! I am a Gemini and have an Ox as the Chinese New Year.

I take pride in my writing, but I feel I have tons of room for improvement! I space out and am known for my random attitude and such. I also draw, many of the drawings in my books are drawn by me. I'm Russian, and Jewish.

Likes: Sugar coated strawberry, Frozen grapes, Anime, Manga, Writing, Singing, Drawing, Reading, Prince.

Dislikes: Attention, annoying others, when my hands spazz and I cant type correctly, when I'm doing bad in school, Sleep.

Dream for the Future: Finish all books, Find Prince, and make peoples happy. c:

Manga, Anime, & Web Comics:
Top Few:
1. Cheese in The Trap (Manwha)
2. Kubera (Manwha)
3. Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (Game)
4. Pokemon Reborn (Game)
5.Avas Demon (Comic)
6. The Boy Who Fell (Comic)
7. Magician (Manwha)
8. Oban Star Racers (Anime)
9. Bittersweet Candy Bowl (Comic)
10. Their Story (Manwha)

"You gatta make a statement. You gatta look deep inside yourself and say 'What am I willing to put up with today?' NOT FUCKING THIS!!" ~Arin Hanson (My Senior Quote)

~Usanna Bubby~

P.S. Bubby is a Last name Given to me by @VampireFangx ! She's the one who inspired me to write ABW. I love her books

@MonkeyChronicles1010 is my Youthful Rival! She is my Female Kakashi, as I am Female Gai! :D Read her amazingness!

@MissBluey is my Side Account, I'm more active on that than this, at this point.


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