Uh. So hey! It's been 4 years. Hi. 

I'm gonna finish my dropped story. Promise. You have permission to kill me if I don't. Yes you. So yeah! Gonna finish that.

Hoping to find some friends on this site and maybe get some people to read my stuff! Sound good? Cool.

I'm out! Stay safe my friends and people I don't know.
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    In a land far far away...
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    4 years ago
BlazingHeart28 BlazingHeart28 4 months ago
      Wow. Wow. Such burn. XD Although the fact I haven't seen this for a few days kind proves your point... Anyways! Thanks man! :3
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Forgotten Future (sonic fan fic)

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Description: After the story of Sonic '06. Blaze and Silver are the only people that forgot the adventure, and now Amy is dating Silver. Sonic sees this as foul play! Shouldn't he and Blaze get a chance huh? There is only...


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Story Reading List